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Choosing Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Texas

By Shaina Santagata

Adoption is a deeply personal decision that is rooted in love and selflessness. For many women faced with an unplanned pregnancy, ensuring their child’s future happiness is their highest priority. The journey is far from an easy one, and not being a part of your baby’s life after they are adopted can seem too distant and detached. If you find that you want to be a key part of their world, there is a way to do so with the adoption process.

At Adoption Choices of Texas, we take time to get to understand and listen to every birth mother’s wants and desires. What you want most for your child matters greatly. Putting your baby up for adoption offers them the chance to become more than just a part of a new family and home. It is about providing them with a stable environment where they can thrive. Having the emotional and financial support of adoptive parents, who are ready to provide that and more, gives your child the opportunity to grow and develop in endless ways.

What is Open Adoption?

Open Adoption allows the child the opportunity to know their birth mother and have information about their cultural and ethnic background. We have found that this can reduce the amount of fear that the adoptive parents have about the child possibly being reclaimed by the birth parent(s) in the future. Within the details of the adoption plan, the birth mother can ask to have the adoptive family send pictures of their child and receive letters from you at specific points in their life (i.e., special milestones like birthdays, graduations, marriage, etc.) All the details can be sorted out between yourself and the adoptive family, making it a respectful and consensual process for everyone involved.

What are the Benefits of Open Adoption for the Child?

When a child has two supportive families, it creates a sense of security and belonging. Every child deserves the love and care of a committed family. By having their birth mother in the picture, the level of openness can be critical to a child’s development, both emotionally and mentally. They will have a connection to their original roots, and they can combine it with the new roots of their adoptive family. How a child adjusts is more than just worrying about their basic needs. Creating a nurturing environment and allowing the child to see that the critical adults they love also love them unconditionally becomes invaluable to their well-being.

Over the years, open adoption has become more common and is a modern approach to the adoption process. Birth mothers find comfort and peace knowing their child’s well-being with their new family. Keeping the door open also helps the child to understand who they are as they grow up. It can remove questions and confusion a child has about why they were adopted. They will come to realize that their mother made the best choice for them and continues to show her love and support. The respectful and mutual understanding created by the birth mother and the adoptive family shows the child that they have unending support in all aspects of their life.

How Does Open Adoption Help Birth Mothers?

For birth mothers, adoption can mean the opportunity to pursue their personal goals and aspirations. Choosing to put your baby up for adoption is the first step towards stability and security in your life. Knowing your child is with a loving family allows you the chance to begin focusing on building a solid foundation for yourself. This could entail finishing your education, pursuing a particular career path, leaving an unhealthy partner, or getting stable housing for yourself, etc. Whatever your heart is set on, you have every right to love and want the best for yourself as you do for your child. It is not selfish to start again.

Adoption agencies in Houston understand that while you pursue your dreams, you need extra support along the way. We have provided birth mothers with a supportive community and resources that help them navigate their unique adoption journeys. Whenever you feel you need a shoulder to lean on, we have counseling, support groups, and personalized assistance that caters specifically to you individually. Women deserve to feel empowered in their adoption process and know that they’re making informed decisions that align with their values and goals. We only have one life to live, and you deserve to have it overflowing with achievements and endless love and support that helps you fill your cup!

How To Get in Touch with Adoption Choices of Texas

Here at Adoption Choices of Texas, we have a dedicated and empathetic team of adoption specialists who have dedicated years to supporting women and their journey. We know that this has been a challenging path for you to walk. From this point forward, you are no longer alone. Contact us today, and together, we will show you that the start of your new life has only just begun.

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