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Choosing an LGBT+ couple to adopt your baby in Texas

By Valentina Escobar

Need help with an unplanned pregnancy? There are options available to the birth mother once she is ready to make a decision. There are many forms of adoption and the choice of who to give your baby to. With the various ways to consider adoption, some may choose to give their baby to an LGBTQ+ couple, hoping to expand their families. Adoption Choices of Texas has the guide towards giving your baby to an LGBTQ+ couple who are available to add to their families through your help. 

An unplanned pregnancy may come as a surprise to some. Luckily there are resources out there to help in the process. First, this is a choice that cannot be made delicately. Once a birth mother decides to put up their baby for adoption, it is permanent. Therefore, choosing what kind of adoption best suits you, the birth mother, and the family they decide to place her baby with is important. Luckily there are many forms of adoption available to what is most convenient to the birth mother and families wanting to adopt your baby. LGBTQ+ couples are as willing and open to being suitable parents for your baby and the necessary process needed to get there. 

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Different Kinds of Adoption When Placing Your Child Up for Adoption in Texas

Open Adoption

If a birth mother wishes for optimal contact with her baby throughout life, the best option for you is an open adoption. Open adoption is when a birth mother can receive updates on her baby and occasionally see the baby (with the adoptive parent’s consent). Many LGBTQ+ are open to the possibility of open adoption if spoken about thoroughly and if they consider this as the best option for their family. In addition, this option can be great for birth mothers who choose to stay involved in their baby’s life. 

Semi-Open Adoption

LGBTQ+ couples may be interested in this route for their adoption plan. This is possible for adoption in Texas, although not as inclusive as open adoption. Yet a semi-open adoption is a great option for birth mothers hoping to stay involved with semi-regular updates. A birth mother can receive updates after they place the baby up for adoption throughout their life in a semi-open arrangement. Usually, these visits are mediated through the birth mother’s agency. However, sometimes visits are scheduled dependent on the birth parent and adoptive parent’s agreement. 

Closed Adoption

Also known as a private adoption in Texas. This is when a birth mother decides to have little to no contact or updates on the baby being placed for adoption. A closed adoption is a deliberate choice made by the birth mother. However, no choice is a wrong choice. Closed adoptions allow for privacy on both the birth mother’s end as well as the adoptive family. This adoption plan is often used by both ends due to the privacy agreement. This can be a great choice for birth mothers who want to respect the privacy of LGBT+ couples hoping to adopt your baby. 

Private vs. Public Adoption

Some may choose the route of private adoption in Texas, which may result in being placed with a baby quicker. Private adoptions tend to be an easier way of expanding families, especially for LGBTQ+ couples, in comparison to public adoptions, where it is harder to be placed with a baby. In addition, public adoptions tend to prioritize older children when certain prospective parents wish to expand with a baby in their home. 

The Adoption Process With Adoption Choices of Texas

Once a birth mother chooses the right option for themselves, they are then led by an agency in choosing possible parents. The prospective parents are an important aspect of the process, and LGBTQ+ parents are always an option. Often, these prospective parents are discriminated against due to their sexuality and gender. This should not play a part in how they might raise your baby. LGBTQ+ parents are just as willing and suitable for raising your baby. They should be seriously considered when looking for adoptive parents. Due to the discrimination experienced by LGBTQ+ couples, they are often not considered. This should not stop you from placing your baby in the wonderful arms of people vying for this important job as adoptive parents. 

The moment a birth mother chooses an LGBTQ+ contender for adoption, the process goes regularly scheduled. The agency does all paperwork, and until the birth mother gives birth, the agency facilitates the process on both ends. 

Choosing an LGBTQ+ couple for your baby is a good way to deal with the stresses of an unplanned pregnancy. This kind of unplanned pregnancy help may ease the process and place your baby in the trustworthy hands of others. It must be emphasized that various forms of adoption choices are available to birth moms. These could help in the already difficult decision of putting a baby up for adoption. It can make a difficult decision into a bright future for an LGBTQ+ couple hoping to take on the job as your baby’s adoptive parents. 

If you are a woman considering adoption and hoping to go in the route of LGBTQ+ parents, Adoption Choices of Texas is for you!

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We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!


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