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Choosing a TX Closed Adoption

By David Seamonson

When it comes to adoption in San Antonio or throughout Texas, knowing what to do is difficult, especially if the pregnancy came out of the blue. The best way to get through the process is to know one of the main questions that starts the adoption process and what to do afterward. The question is, “What kind of adoption do you want to go through?” This is an important question because this decision locks in what kind of future contact you will have with your child. Of the three adoption options, there is only one type that eliminates all contact with your child and the adopting family after the adoption process is complete, and that is a closed adoption.

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Step By Step Process

  1. When you first call your local Adoption Choices of Texas adoption agency, they will ask you what kind of adoption you would like to have. The three adoptions are an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or a closed adoption. Regardless of your choice initially, you will have control over whom you will have to adopt your baby. You will be in complete control of the process and make only the decisions that you feel comfortable with. 
  2. You will select the adoptive family from the adoption agency database. We act as an intermediary in the adoption process so that you can have easier access to families that want to adopt a child. The adoption agency will provide you with some general information about these families, such as the area in which they live (without an address), their professions, pictures of their house, and a few other things that allow you to feel comfortable about selecting a family. These are all based on how you feel about the family and if you feel they are a good fit for your baby.
  3. You will go over financials with the adoption agency and determine if you need any help with any expenses that could be related to your pregnancy. This can include hospital expenses, rent expenses, and some maternity clothing expenses. Whatever the reason is, we can help you through this. Our services also allow you to contact us at any time if you need to talk to someone. We have many adoption specialists that can help you through this process.
  4. The finalization of the adoption plan. When the adopting family has been notified that they will be adopting your child, they will accept the offer and wait for the day of birth. As soon as the adoption plan is fully carried out, then you will sign the papers that will stop you from being the parent or guardian of your baby, and the baby will then become adopted.
  5. This is where the difference between your birth mother adoption options begins. With a closed adoption, you are saying that you will not have any future contact with your baby and that you understand that you will never see them again, whether in a picture, a video or in passing. You will not know who they are. This is a situation that is beneficial to you, though. This will allow you to move on with your life and know that you can still have the life you want. You can go to school. You can get your job. You can find a steady relationship and know that when you want to start a family, it will be in a family that will be supportive of their children.

The Other Side of an Adoption

From the adoptive families’ side, they will be able to know that their child will always be theirs. In many private adoptions in Texas, there has been unease in the cases of open and semi-open adoption because the birth mother can see their child. While it is based upon their agreement with the adoption plan, it can still make them feel uneasy and feel like you will come back for your baby. Regardless of this thought, as soon as step four is completed, you cannot go back. The termination of motherhood is final, and you will not be able to go around it. They will feel comfortable knowing that the child they adopted will always and forever be theirs.

Choosing a TX Closed Adoption and How Our Specialist can Help

Whatever your reason is for a closed adoption, know that we will help you through it. The adoption process is here to help you move on after your pregnancy and provide you with a way out of an unplanned pregnancy. You will have complete control over the process regardless of the family you choose, and you will not have to see them again after the process is completed. That is the beauty of the closed adoption system. You can move on and know that another family will love and care for your child like it is their own.

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