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Choosing a Transracial Adoption in TX

Are you a birth mother afraid to let another family adopt your child that is not of the same race? You are not the only one, and I want to tell you from one birth mother to another, a family of a different race will still show your child the same unconditional love. My name is Adora, and I am from Houston, Texas, and 24 years old, currently earning my master’s. I am first-generation, and my parents are from Nigeria, West Africa. It was instilled in me with immigrant parents to get a good education and continue so after high school by going straight to college. That is exactly what I did, earning a scholarship to a public college in Texas, which saved me thousands of dollars. To add on, during the time of attending college, I worked a part-time job to save up for my masters because I knew I wanted to earn my masters.

Being so enthralled with school and work left me with little to no time at all in my personal life. My boyfriend, John, who I have known since childhood, went from seeing me almost every day to only two or three days a week. He didn’t make a big issue out of it because he contained the same work ethic as me, not to mention his parents were from Africa as well, so school was just as important. We were always responsible in every retrospect of life, or so we thought. During my junior year of college, at the age of 21, I found out I was pregnant with an unplanned baby. I was devastated and kept replaying our times together in my head because I always knew we were protected, but I know accidents can happen. However, this led to an unplanned pregnancy.

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Choosing the Right Adoptive Parents for My Baby

I am aware that there were alternatives to handling unplanned pregnancies, but they went against my beliefs. So I looked towards placing my child for adoption in Oklahoma. That being adoption, John didn’t support me at first, but he knew it was the best option due to our financial situation. So he was supportive and there for me during the whole, which is why I believe we are still together. Our parents didn’t understand it, but they knew it was my choice, and they wanted us to continue our education more than anything. 

When I looked up adoption agencies in Texas, an Adoption Agency with amazing reviews came up called Adoption Choices of Texas. When contacting them, they responded right away due to the services being 24/7, and I was glad about that because I was four months pregnant. John and I wanted to start the process as soon as possible because we didn’t want our baby to be born and have nowhere to go. The process eventually started, and a lot happened. I picked the type of adoption I wanted to utilize, open adoption and found out my baby was a girl! I knew she was going to be beautiful and at times, I contemplated ending the adoption, but I knew her adoptive parents could give her a better life. Then the hardest part for me came, which was choosing her adoptive parents. When given the parent profiles, I liked most parents, and they were all beautiful couples, but eventually, I came upon one that I liked, Johnny and Bethany. The thing was that the couple is Caucasian, and my daughter is African American, and I was not sure that could work. John was for it from the beginning because he didn’t care about race as long as the family seemed loving and provided for our baby. I knew that I couldn’t let my personal opinions come in the way just because of someone’s race. So we sat down with our adoption specialist and Johnny and Bethany to discuss them being the adoptive parents of our child. I brought from and centered my issue and worries, but they were sweet and understood more than anything where I was coming from. If anything, listening and not becoming upset is why I picked them. The steps they said they would take to answer and make sure my daughter knows who she is and more as she grows up was another. 

Fast-forward to now at 24, and with our daughter being three years old, we have witnessed the steps Johnny and Bethany have taken to teach and nurture our daughter. Of course, she is different in skin color, hair, and more, but they love her unconditionally, just as much as John and I. I am glad I picked them, and Adoption Choices of Texas helped me fight my fear of transracial adoption. 

What is Transracial Adoption? 

When you hear the term transracial, interracial, multiracial adoption, you may or may not understand when a child of one race is adopted by another family of a different race that will be their adoptive parents. Like my adoption story, where my daughter is African American, and her adoptive parents are Caucasian. On television, you often see couples that are characters adopting children of a different race. The aspect of transracial adoption is growing because it is often happening, but there is a negative condition surrounding such. There is always a stigma around adoption in general. That is what affected me at first, but unless those judging plan on raising your child, their opinion doesn’t matter. Also, now transracial adoption is not only Black and Caucasian but more. An Asian or a Hispanic couple could have adopted my baby. However, voice your concerns as I did because I want to make sure my daughter knows her culture and the issues she will face due to her appearance that her adoptive parents might not have ever faced.  

Need Adoption In Texas, Come to Adoption Choices of Texas 

Adoption Choices of Texas is a private adoption located in Texas with different locations: AustinDallasHouston, Irving, San Antonio, Corpus, and Rio Grande Valley. They are an amazing agency that serves local birth mothers of Texas and can assist teens, young adults, or adults. They never judge and make sure your baby will be safe. You contact them through their portal, phone call, or text. They will get back to you in a loving way just as much as they did me. 

As an expectant woman or birth parent, to learn more about adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. You can call us at 945-444-0333, text us at 945-444-0333, or email us here. If you are hoping to adopt, please visit us here. We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!

Adoption Choices of Texas es la única agencia de adopción con servicios completamente en esapñol en el estado de Texas. Si está embarazada y necesita ayuda, llámenos o envíenos un mensaje de texto y uno de nuestros especialistas en adopción podrá ayudarlo. Podemos ayudarte con la adopcion de niños. Para obtener más información sobre el proceso de adopción como una mujer embarazada o una madre biológica, comuníquese con Adoption Choices of Texas. Para español llamar: 888-510-5029

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As an inspiring Journalist, she likes to write about a plethora of topics that some may look at as controversial, but she believes in staying true to herself. She doesn’t mind having conversations with people as long as opinions are being respected.

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