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adoption healthy for kids

Everyday, women choose adoption for their newborn babies. They understand the benefits of adoption and want what is best for their child. Because of open adoption, relationships can be ongoing between these women and their children. Today, adoption is a widely accepted option for a woman who is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and is considering adoption for ANY reason. Both she, the adoptive family, and the adopted child can greatly benefit from this decision.

There are many advantages for children who are adopted. They grow up in a family that you lovingly and selflessly chose for them. Other advantages include:

  • The love and support of adoptive parents who are emotionally and financially ready and able to parent and provide a good life. Your baby will grow up with the family that you choose, and that family will have everything that he or she will need to grow up happy and healthy.
  • An adoptive family that is financially secure and emotionally ready to lovingly handle all the challenges, expenses, and joys of raising a child.
  • The kind of loving home and family life that your child will enjoy and appreciate for life. Research has shown that the majority of adopted children are , bonded with their families, and happy with their lives.
  • A healthy family life that may include a brother or sister for lifelong support. Studies show that is a healthy thing!
  • Financial resources that your baby might not otherwise have. Because Adopting Parents must pass a rigorous home study process, you can be assured that they will have the financial resources needed to give your child a comfortable life. They might not be rich, but they will be gainfully employed and able to provide all the necessities as well as some extras.
  • A greater probability of a good education and future opportunities in life. Because your baby’s adopting family is financially secure, they will be able to provide education and experiences that will help him or her to become successful.

Committed parents and a stable home along with opportunities and resources that not have been available to them. Not to mention that studies show that adopted children have greater health, more one-on-one attention from a parent, are more involved in extracurricular activities, and are as well-adjusted as their peers!

Your child will know that you made a loving decision to choose the best life possible for them. Your child will will be grateful for your courageous decision and thankful that so many people care about him or her.

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