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Celebrating Mother’s Day in a Texas Open Adoption

When you think of Mother’s Day, what comes to your mind? Images of gifts of bouquets, heartfelt cards, and expressions of love, appreciation, and gratitude that are given to mothers all over the state may come to your mind. If you are a birth mother or an expectant birth mother, the idea of celebrating mother’s day may seem like an unbelievable idea. You have been through an incredibly emotional and sometimes heartbreaking journey.

You may be thinking, how could I possibly celebrate mother’s day?

While it may seem like an unimaginable idea of acknowledging this painful day, there is a benefit for you in celebrating this day that is dedicated to mothers. It is beneficial not just for your mental well-being, but the overall well-being of all parties involved in an adoption. This post, along with other resources from Adoption Choices of Texas, will better be able to give you an idea of what celebrating Mother’s Day in a Texas open adoption could look like.

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Grief After Placing Your Child for Adoption

One of the most important things to remember about celebrating Mother’s Day as a woman who has placed her baby for adoption is that it is okay and necessary for you to feel your grief. It may seem like a backward idea to celebrate something by feeling an emotion such as grief, sorrow, or loss. But it is an essential element of celebrating a safe, healthy, and loving Mother’s Day for birth mothers.

As a birth mother, you have gone through one of the most challenging and emotional journeys that any one person can go through. It is normal for birth mothers to feel extreme feelings of grief, loss, and sadness. And you need to feel and experience those emotions to move forward in your life to a place of peace, love, and hope.

Honor Your Adoption Story with Your Child

If you have chosen an open adoption, celebrating Mother’s Day can be a truly special thing for you, your child, and your child’s adoptive family. Just like every pregnancy is different, every open adoption is different. The level of contact and communication is unique to each open adoption, so the ways that you may celebrate Mother’s Day can be unique.

There are a few common ways that you can celebrate Mother’s Day in an open adoption:

  • Go out for a meal
  • Have a scheduled gathering
  • Attend a public event
  • Have a scheduled phone call
  • Have a scheduled video call

The importance of celebrating this day with your child is that you are honoring your story with your child. By celebrating Mother’s Day, you are celebrating you, your journey, and your story. Your child is bound to have questions and curiosities about you and your story. By having these special moments on a special day, you can honor and acknowledge yourself.

Mother’s Day for Adoptive Mothers

It is important to acknowledge adoptive mothers when discussing adoption and Mother’s Day. This may seem like sensitive and shaky ground to get into. Celebrating Mother’s Day with your child’s birth mother can be a scary idea, even if you want your child’s birth mother to be a part of this special day.

The most important thing to remember is to have open communication with your child’s birth mother in your open adoption. Be honest about your boundaries, wishes, and needs. And also acknowledge and respect your child’s birth mother’s boundaries, needs, and wishes as well. Whatever your plans are on Mother’s Day, remember to honor and respect your child’s birth mother. By doing this, you are not only honoring her but you are acknowledging and honoring yourself in the adoption process.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in a Texas Open Adoption

The idea of celebrating Mother’s Day in a Texas open adoption may seem like a daunting and impossible task. You may be questioning how you could ever celebrate a day that is so focused on mothers after you have placed your child for adoption. But, there are ways for you to have a safe, healthy and emotionally fulfilling Mother’s Day with your child.

In whatever way you and your child’s adoptive family decide to celebrate Mother’s Day, you are honoring your story and fulfilling the emotional needs of your child. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate this day. By respecting not only your needs and boundaries but your child’s adoptive mother, in particular, this coming Mother’s Day can be a special and unique day for everyone involved!

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