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Celebrating Birth Father’s and Father’s Day in a Texas Adoption

By Katy Reagan

Most efforts of local adoption agencies are focused on birth mothers during the adoption process. But here at Adoption Choices of Texas, we understand the importance of birth fathers. Supportive birth fathers make the adoption process easier and are there for their child. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate them on Birth, Father’s Day, and Father’s Day. Birth fathers and adoptive fathers make up a big part of the child’s support system. Their love for their child deserves to be celebrated. 

The Importance of Birth’s Father’s Day

Birth fathers don’t physically carry their child, but they still suffer the pain of putting my child up for adoption. There is a lot of grief associated with giving up my baby. In reality, you are not “giving up” anything but rather creating a supportive home for your child. Adoption is one of the bravest decisions you can make. Your child will likely be grateful for your selfless decision. 

June can still be a difficult month for birth fathers. They are faced with constant pictures of kids with their fathers and words of gratitude for them. Father’s Day can bring a lot of pain and sadness to birth fathers. They may feel like they haven’t done enough for their children. This is why Birth Father’s Day is important to celebrate with Father’s Day. Birth fathers deserve recognition for the role they played in their child’s life. They want to know they have been the person their child needed.

Celebrating Birth Father’s Day will look different for every family. It will depend on the type of adoption decided on in the adoption plan. Open or semi-open adoption allows for communication between the birth parents and the adoptive family. A closed adoption has zero communication, and no identifying information is shared.

Celebrating Birth Father’s Day with an Open or Semi-Open Adoption

1. Schedule communication with your child

This is a plan that will have to be signed off on by the adoptive parents. Tell them your wish to speak to your child on Birth Father’s Day. From here, you can decide the best way to communicate. This might be an in-person visit, a phone call, or a written letter. Hearing from your child can be beneficial to your healing process. You will know that you’re still a part of their life without having to be a parent. You can also see first-hand how they’re doing.

2. Talk to your child about their adoption

When your child gets older, they’ll likely have questions about why you chose adoption. As long as it’s okay with the adoptive parents, tell them about the adoption process. You don’t have to share more than you’re comfortable with. Be open and honest with them. Tell them about your history and the circumstances. Let them get to know who you are. Tell them how you chose their adoptive parents.

This may be a difficult conversation, but it will be worth it. You and your child will get to know each other on a deeper level. It will strengthen the role you play in their life. They will be able to celebrate your choice of adoption service.

3. Celebrate Birth, Father’s Day, and Father’s Day with your adoptive family

The relationship between birth parents and adoptive parents is very important. Be a part of your child’s support system. Provide support to the adoptive parents as well as your child. 

Help your child make a card for their adoptive father for Father’s Day. In return, their adoptive father could help them make a card for you for Birth Father’s Day. Understand the different roles you play in your child’s life. Although the roles are different, they are both essential in raising your child.

Celebrating Birth Father’s Day with a Closed Adoption

1. Reach out to the birth mother 

It’s important to speak to people who understand your situation. This will help you work through your grief. If you are on speaking terms, you should talk to the birth mother about your child. She will be able to reassure you that you’ve made the right decision. Your child is exactly where they need to be, and so are you.

2. Write a letter to your child just for yourself

Writing out our thoughts and feelings helps us process them. You can write a letter to your child telling them about their adoption and what they mean to you. You don’t need to send the letter to get these feelings out.

3. Be with your family and/or friends

Surround yourself with people who support and love you. They can reassure you that you are a good person. Go out to dinner with them, have a game night, or just sit and talk. They want to be there for you. Let them.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day with an Adoptive Father

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the person who is raising a child. They are providing for the child physically, emotionally, and financially. Adoptive fathers are just as much of a father as a biological father. Take the time to appreciate them on this day. Let them know what a great parent they are. Give them a card, take them to see their favorite sports team, or just tell them you love them. If you are a birth parent, you can celebrate the birth father as well. Tell them how grateful you are for the loving and supportive home they’ve created.

Adoption Help Through Adoption Choices of Texas

Take some time during June to celebrate the birth fathers and adoptive fathers in your life. If you are one, make sure to celebrate yourself. You have made selfless and brave choices to give your child the best life possible. Local adoption agencies want to support you in every way possible. 

Adoption Choices of Texas is a local, licensed private adoption agency. We serve adoption in San Antonio, TX, and birth parents across Texas. If you’re considering putting my child up for adoption and want to know your options, contact us today. Si quieres dar a mi bebe en adopcion, contáctanos hoy.

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