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Celebrate National Adoption Month

By Veronica Wiley

November is National Adoption Month! In adoption, there is a lot to celebrate. A child becomes a new member of a family. A family gets a new child. A mother starts a new chapter of her life. But what is adoption, and how did it start? Adoption is the legal process in which a child is placed with a family who is not their birth family. This family becomes their legal family.

Adoption agencies are a fairly new part of the adoption model. So, if you’re looking for information about Austin adoption in Texas, you may be interested in some of the adoption history. Or maybe just some general information about Austin adoption and the adoption process. In celebration of National Adoption Month, Adoption Choices of Texas will share some of the history of adoption in the United States.  Adoption Choices of Texas is a private adoption agency that has been helping birth parents and children through adoption since 2002.

A Brief History of Adoption in Texas

The model of adoption has been used for hundreds of years. Even Roman nobility would adopt when they couldn’t have an heir biologically. However, it wasn’t until the 1850s that laws were passed governing adoption in the United States. This new era sparked the cascade of events that created modern adoption and child welfare laws. 

In 1868, we saw the first movement in Massachusetts to place children with families rather than institutions. These were the first foster homes and a huge leap in child welfare. After that, a movement was made to vet prospective adoptive families. This is when the first home studies were conducted ensuring adoptive families were well equipped to raise a child. 

The first specialized adoption agencies were founded in 1910. Through these agencies, new movements toward child welfare created awareness for children needing adoption. New laws passed a few years later, in 1917, limiting records access to birth parents. Laws were also solidified for vetting prospective adoptive parents.

In 1976, we saw the first big step in getting birth mothers involved in the adoption process. Concerned United Birthparents was founded, demonstrating that birth mothers want to know how children are doing post-placement. 

For Austin adoption and the rest of Texas, another change was made in 2005. Texas law passed TxCARE Advocacy, now allowing adoptees who know the identity of their birth parents to obtain a copy of their original birth certificate. A series of other bills were introduced and passed after this in Texas, progressing Austin adoption agencies toward modern adoption.

A shift has formed in the adoption world, now not only focusing on the child but the birth parents, too. Modern adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Texas are now equipped with a variety of resources to help not only children but birth mothers, too. Texas continues to fight for the rights of adoptees and the progression of modern adoption.

 Why is Adoption Important

The world would be a frightening place without adoption. While adoption has been around for hundreds of years, it wasn’t always a common choice. Prior to the laws governing adoption, children were frequently left to fend for themselves.  Putting a baby up for adoption wasn’t a logical option because it wasn’t commonly available. Think of the 1800’s prior to the adoption train. Children were running the streets pick-pocketing for money or hustling travelers for a loaf of bread. The death rate for infants was also high because there was no help for mothers. Single mothers especially suffered trying to provide for a family with young children. With adoption as an available option, agencies can not only help birth mothers find great parents for their children, but we can also help throughout the pregnancy.

3 Benefits of Choosing Adoption for My Unplanned Pregnancy

  • You choose the type of adoption. Adoption has changed so much over the years. Now, the birth mother is involved in every step. You even choose whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. This means you can still keep in touch with your child post-placement without being a parent.
  • Pregnancy support. An unplanned pregnancy can come with unexpected challenges. Medical bills tend to be one common stressor, along with the emotional rollercoaster and decisions to be made. Working with Adoption Choices of Texas provides support through your pregnancy. We provide you with an adoption counselor who can guide you through the choices ahead and connect you with various resources.
  • Vetted families. Modern adoption provides birth mothers with profiles of families who have completed a thorough screening process. These families complete a home study that guarantees they will be great parents. You get to look at these profiles and choose the best possible parent(s) for your child.

Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

However you choose to celebrate adoption month, we hope you do something special. If you need ideas, here are a few ways you can celebrate Adoption Month:

  • Make a post on social media, and be sure to tag us: Adoption Choices of Texas and share a bit about the history of adoption. A great way to celebrate this month is to educate those around you.
  • If you are an adoptive family or adopted child, share your success story with us. People need to hear how adoption can change lives for the better, and we’d love to share it. Send us a message sharing your story, and we’ll spread the word.
  • Raise awareness by sharing about Adoption Choices of Texas. As a private adoption agency equipped to help birth mothers and children, someone could benefit by hearing about us.
  • Celebrate adoption with a special treat this month. Go out for a coffee or pastry and share about adoption month with the restaurant or café staff. 
  • Give a gift to a family involved in adoption. Birth mothers, foster families, and adoptive families can all benefit from some love.
  • Donate to someone’s adoption fund. Adoption can be expensive, so many prospective adoptive families start funds to raise money for the process. Ask around, and I’m sure you’ll hear about someone trying to raise money to adopt a child.
  • Wear the message! Custom shirts and hats are available all over the internet now. A special way some people can celebrate is to get some gear and wear it out on errands. Think about using a phrase like “adopt a baby” or “adopcion de bebes”. Wearing Texas-directed gear like a hat that says “adopcion en Texas” or “adoption in Texas” may also move someone to seek information about Adoption Month.

More Information About a Texas Adoption Center Near Me

Adoption can be a joyous time for many, but it is life-changing for all involved. If you are seeking more information about adoption, Adoption Choices of Texas is one of the best adoption agencies in Texas. We can help with Austin adoption or adoption agencies in Dallas and information about adoption all over Texas. As a private adoption agency, we have access to many resources to help out our birth families. This includes a post-adoption support program. If you’d like more information about adoption, we’re just a phone call or text away.

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