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Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Texas (and More FAQ)

By Morgan Jacobus

There are a lot of factors to consider when pursuing an adoption service, and there can be a lot of questions. Looking into “putting my child up for adoption” or “dar a mi bebe en adopcion” can be overwhelming, but we are here with some answers to help you. For instance, one of the decisions in the adoption process in Texas is which family you wish to adopt your baby. Local adoption agencies will likely present you with diverse families, including LGBTQ+ couples. 

1. Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Texas? 

Yes, same-sex couples can adopt in Texas, just as in any other state. Though this hasn’t always been the case, adopting your child to a same-sex couple is legal in Texas. Whether it is adoption in San Antonio, TX, or a Dallas adoption center, same-sex couples can pursue adoption in Texas. 

2. Where is Same-Sex Adoption Legal? 

As of 2016, same-sex adoption is legal in all 50 states. Mississippi was the last state to legalize adoption for same-sex couples when it overturned its ban on gay adoption. 

3. How Common is LGBTQ+ Adoption? 

According to the U.S. Census, same-sex couples are more likely to adopt than opposite-sex couples. In fact, it is almost four times more likely! It is estimated that there are about 2 million LGBTQ+ people that want to adopt. 

4. Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt Newborns? 

The process for adopting a newborn or infant would be similar to adopting an older child for same-sex couples. It also should not take 

5. Will Children Raised by LGBTQ+ Parents Become Gay? 

Children with LBGTQ parents may question their sexual orientation at an early age, but there isn’t evidence that being raised by gay parents will make the child grow up gay. Psychology Today explains that homosexuality “has biological roots” and “they have no greater chance of ‘turning gay’ than the child with straight parents next door.”

6. Do Children Raised by Same-Sex Parents Develop Problems?

Each parenting situation is different. There have long been debates about how much weight parenting has on who the child becomes and how much is a result of genetics and innate traits. There is evidence that children raised by same-sex parents aren’t any different from those with opposite-sex parents. Ultimately, the importance of choosing a family is that the child goes to a loving and safe environment, not what the orientation of the parents is. 

7. Do Kids from LGBTQ+ Parents End Up Differently than Kids with Heterosexual Parents? 

According to Psychology Today, children from LGBTQ+ families have similar levels of achievement as children from opposite-sex parents. Similar markers include school performance, self-esteem, quality of life, and social functioning. However, it was also noted that such children have been observed as “more self-aware, more adept at communicating their feelings, and exhibit more empathy for people different than themselves… children of gay parents developed skills at thinking independently and standing up for what they believe in.” 

8. Are Kids with Same-Sex Parents Teased? 

Children nowadays can be teased for a variety of trivial reasons, from their clothes to their grades and other silly reasons. You can’t ever guarantee that your child will not face struggle or teasing, but what you can take control of is placing your baby with a loving family that will care for them. While it is true that LGBTQ+ people can experience discrimination and prejudice, there is also the opportunity for the child to overcome ignorance and grow as a person. 

9. Does a Child Need a Mother and a Father? 

Many people default to the image of a mother and a father when thinking of an adoptive couple. However, that doesn’t mean that the child will be worse off because they do not have opposite-sex parents. Research shows that there are more similarities than differences between children raised with same-sex parents rather than opposite-sex. Generally, two parents are better than one, but there isn’t evidence that opposite-sex couples are better parents than same-sex couples.

10. What are the Benefits of Adopting a Same-Sex Couple? 

There is a variety of research on ways that same-sex couples make great parents. Among those reasons include that they are usually more motivated, committed, and thoughtful than opposite-sex couples. Additionally, there’s research that children of LGBTQ+ parents can be more open-minded, resilient, and sympathetic. 

Same-sex couples will face difficulties of their own, as with any other couple. When you adopt through Adoption Choices of Texas, you can rest easy knowing that your baby will be going to a safe, loving home. Each potential family is background checked and screened so you can be confident in your decision. 

If you are a woman considering adoption and seeking options in your adoption process, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. 


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