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National Adoption Month has finally arrived, and Adoption Choices of Texas couldn’t be more excited! Every year, we wait patiently for November – a month devoted to celebrating and recognizing all people who have been positively affected by adoption.

Today, we’re going to focus on you – the birth mother. You make adoption possible! Without you, many families would be without the blessed opportunity to grow in love. The self-expression of your journey is incredibly powerful, and we want to make sure it’s not overlooked.

If you’re out of ideas for how to celebrate National Adoption Month, look no further! Here are 3 ways to share your unique, inspiring, and pivotal adoption story.

  1. Start a blog that shares your journey and your thoughts towards adoption. Adoption is more common than it used to be, and people want to know what it’s like from someone who has already made the journey. Moms who are still trying to make the decision want to know what it was like for you, how you made your decision, and what the best and worst experiences you had as a birth mother are. Your blog can be anonymous, so share whatever you feel is important. If it’s the truth about what you feel, blog it!
  2. Connect with other birth mothers and share your story. The power of sisterhood is unreal. Women who share the same experiences tend to go through their darkest moments with each other. Birth mother support groups are a common way for women to connect with each other. You are not alone in your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions of life after placing your child for adoption. Who knows? Your story might change the life of a woman who has just found out she’s pregnant or has just placed her baby.
  3. Start an adoption baby book for your child to give to the adoptive familyIn celebration of National Adoption Month, the person you will most likely think about is your baby. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Your baby is still one of the most important people in your life, whether you chose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Gather photos and important treasures to give to your baby when it’s time for them to know you. You can include:
  • Your family photos
  • Letters you’ve written to him or her
  • Family keepsakes you want to pass down
  • Photos you took from the hospital
  • Notes and letters from your family

Birth Mothers Celebrate National Adoption Month

The important part about National Adoption Month is that you celebrate your choice. Remember this: all those affected by adoption in your life – the adoptive parents, your family, your friends and your baby – were all positively impacted by the choice you made.

From all the staff at Adoption Choices of Texas, Happy National Adoption Month!


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