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Birth Mother Support Groups in Texas and What Happens Post Placement 

By Conner Sura

Have you been having trouble coping with an unplanned pregnancy, or are you trying to find information for adoption support groups in Texas? While some birth mothers might not have emotional support after adoption- many do. Adoption is a hard thing to do, and the birth mothers who place their baby up for adoption are strong. Even the strongest people need help sometimes. Adoption Choices of Texas works with birth mothers to make sure that their emotional needs can be met. Our agencies provide free medical, financial, and emotional support to all eligible mothers. 

Even though you might be in a dark and nearly hopeless spot right now, the darkness always comes before the light. Adoption Choices of Texas will support you throughout. 

Si no eres un hablante nativo de inglés, puedes encontrar más información sobre adopción de bebes aquí. 

What Is A Birth Mother Support Group? 

Adoption is a painful thing for many mothers to experience, and many birth mothers require additional emotional support. That is where support groups come into play. Birth mother support groups allow other birth mothers of all backgrounds to come and discuss the issues they are facing post-adoption. Although every adoption story is unique, being a part of a support group allows mothers to relate to their experiences. Having the ability to talk about feelings, thoughts, trauma, and their adoption experience with other birth mothers who understand the pain.  

Additionally, if you do not feel comfortable visiting a support group in person, there are options for online support groups. By talking with your adoption specialist, Adoption Choices of Texas can help you find the right support group for you.  

Adoption Post-Placement Support in Texas 

As we mentioned above, adoption is a painful and incredibly hard thing to do. That is why our adoption agencies have a wide array of different post-placement support for birth mothers.  

 Some of our post-placement support programs include 

  • Consulting with a licensed adoption specialist
  • Lunch meetings with your adoption counselor 
  • Access to grief help-self books 
  • In-person or online support groups 
  • Referrals for additional care-medical or psychological  

However, additional programs can vary based on your time and location. Every program is suited so that birth mothers can find solace after adoption.   

Finding A Reputable Birth Mother Support Group 

Finding a support group can be a scary and intimidating thing to do. How do you know who to trust and who do you not trust? Adoption Choices of Texas is to help. A part of every birth mother’s adoption plan is are benefits that we provide. One of the benefits is free counseling for birth mothers. We work closely with birth mothers to make sure that they can find an agency that suits them.  

However, some birth mothers may like to do things on their own without support from our adoption centers. That is fine, and we will continue to support you if you need help. In these cases, search online for private support groups. Adoption support groups can be found on social media sites like Facebook, and if you want, you can start your group.  

Hostile Support Groups 

Although support groups are usually a good thing for birth mothers, sometimes, they can be just as painful as placing your baby into adoption. You must find a support group that fits you. As we mentioned above, every adoption story is unique. As a result, everyone responds differently to their grief. Some birth mothers may be more hostile, and others may be timid. These can create a difficult space to find healing.  

Adoption Choices of Texas encourages you to speak with your specialist to find a support group that is the right fit for you. You can find solace after the darkness.  

Post-Placement Support Is Expensive 

A common myth is that adoption and post-placement support are expensive. This is simply not true. Yes, certain expenses can vary with different adoption centers. Adoption Choices of Texas provides free post-placement support for birth mothers as part of their adoption plan. We have locations statewide that can help you create an adoption plan that fits your budget. 

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A Shining Light In The Darkness 

We understand adoption is a terrible, painful, and selfless thing to do. We would like to remind you that you are not giving up your baby. You are giving your baby a new and better life. They can live their best. With our statewide adoption centers, you can find us in  San Antonio, Dallas, or Austin. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to support you and help you find the light in the darkness after adoption.

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