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The Role of Birth Fathers in Texas Adoptions

By Alexandra Butcher

When you think of adoption, you most likely think of birth mothers and adoptive parents. But there always seems to be a key figure that many overlook – the birth father. Over time, misconceptions about birth fathers and their presence or role in the Texas adoption process have been created and blindly accepted as truths. Although some birth fathers are not involved in the journey of adoption after an unplanned pregnancy, it is wrong to think that this is true for all birth fathers and adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Texas are here to debunk these myths. Let’s explore birth fathers in Texas adoptions…

If your baby’s birth father already knows about your pregnancy and you are worried about the stereotypical absent father role, take a minute to read about the misconceptions people have about birth fathers in Texas and why you should pay them no mind.

5 Common Misconceptions People Have About Birth Fathers in Texas

  • Birth Fathers Have No Say in the Adoption Process

Birth fathers, like birth mothers, have rights in an adoption. Birth fathers can contest their child being placed up for adoption, but don’t let this scare you into thinking this will happen. It is a rare occurrence and our adoption agency is more than willing to work with you and the birth father in order to come up with an adoption plan that satisfies both parties. Biological fathers can work alongside birth mothers to create an adoption plan with their adoption counselor, provided to you free of charge by Adoption Choices of Texas

  • Birth Fathers Don’t Want to be Involved in Texas Adoptions

Contrary to popular belief, many birth fathers are actively involved as an integral part of the adoption process. Many birth parents are still together but simply aren’t ready to look after a child and make the decision to place their baby up for adoption together. Just because they aren’t talked about as often, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Birth fathers are often the silent but important participants in an adoption and are as involved with the adoption as the birth mother — don’t sell them short.

  • Birth Fathers Don’t Love Their Child

Birth fathers are often made out to be heartless monsters who don’t care enough about their child to be an active participant in the adoption process. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Birth fathers create connections and love their child in the same way birth mothers do. People express this love in different ways. 

Some birth fathers may choose not to be directly involved in the process because it would cause them too much pain or guilt; others may decide to be directly involved. Either way, this does not mean that birth fathers don’t love their children – they are still making the tough but beneficial decision to give them up for a Texas adoption.

  • Birth Fathers Don’t Need Support During the Adoption Process

Just like birth mothers, birth fathers are feeling a multitude of complicated emotions regarding giving their baby up for adoption. While mothers carry the child in their stomach, that doesn’t diminish the love a birth father feels for their child. If they are a part of the birth mothers’ daily life, then they grow just as attached to the baby. This can make it very difficult when the time comes to say goodbye as well as the time leading up to the birth of the baby. Birth fathers need the same love and support that birth mothers receive so it is important that we don’t forget that.

  • Birth Fathers Don’t Stay in Touch with Their Adopted Child

Many birth mothers are actively involved in the lives of their child even after they have been adopted. Birth fathers have the same right to staying in contact with their child and many often choose to do so. If your child’s birth father is present during the before and after the birth process, it is very likely that they will support and join you in maintaining a relationship with your baby after adoption.

Rejecting These Misconceptions and Understanding the Truth About Birth Fathers in Texas Adoptions

Although it can be hard to override the pre-programmed image of birth fathers you may have in your mind, it is very important to remember that birth fathers are also going through the adoption process and need all the love and support they can get. These stereotypes can be harmful to birth fathers who truly want to be a part of their child’s life despite going through the adoption process. 

If you are a birth mother who is worried about telling the birth father about your unplanned pregnancy or your decision to pursue adoption, reach out to us as soon as you are ready. We can connect you with counseling professionals who can help you process your feelings and find an appropriate way to tell the biological father of your baby. If he already knows then don’t let these common misconceptions lead you down a path of fear or resentment. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to support you, the birth father, and your baby, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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