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All About The Texas Adoption Process

By Conner Sura

Adoption is confusing, and not knowing your options can make it seem as if you are swimming in an endless sea. Trying to research and understand your options can seem impossible. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is scary, and not knowing what to do is terrifying. If you are from Austin and looking for information on Austin adoption, you are in the right spot. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help you understand your Texas adoption options.   

An unplanned pregnancy through a wrench in your plans. Your life suddenly stops, and all the emotions and chemicals rushing through your body and mind are overwhelming. It seems as if you were drowning, and having it happen during a recession can make it a lot worse. Although it may feel like the world is coming to its end and all I lost. Remember, that is not. With proper help and support, you can pick the right options for you and find the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Confirming Your Pregnancy 

Before you can begin your adoption journey, you must contact your doctor or an OBGYN to confirm your pregnancy. Each state has different laws that influence how adoption is conducted; the adoption process is different for every state.  

However, if you think you are expecting, it is advised to visit a doctor or OBGYN to confirm that you are pregnant. Additionally, visiting your doctor can provide you with the necessary advice to keep you and your baby in good health and the knowledge of what you need to do to remain healthy throughout. Babies are tough on your body, and your body regulates a lot of energy to help them grow. Making you feel sluggish and tired. It is important to know your resources before pursuing a Texas adoption.  

However, if you do not have a doctor or cannot find one, you can contact Adoption Choices of Texas, and we will help provide a doctor as part of our commitment to helping birth mothers. And if you decide adoption is not for you, and you want to keep your baby, that is one hundred percent okay. We are here to help birth mothers of all, not only the ones who are just looking for adoption.  

Además, proporcionamos recursos para madres biológicas no nativas de habla inglesa. Si eres una madre biológica española que busca información sobre la adopción de bebés, has encontrado el lugar adecuado.  

What Is An Adoption Agency? 

In movies or television, you often see that when a child adopts a child, they are usually from foster care. Many people assume that all adoptions happen through the foster system as a result, and this could not be any less true. The type of adoption that is dictated is usually a public adoption, not a private adoption.  

What is a private adoption? A private adoption is when a birth mother voluntarily places her child up for adoption with a private adoption agency.  

Adoption Choices of Texas is a licensed adoption agency in Texas, and if you are searching for adoption agencies in Dallas, you could not find a better place. We offer a variety of wrap-around services for birth mothers. 

Wrap-Around Services In Texas 

When creating an adoption plan, you and your adoption specialists will create an outline for any financial need or support you may require during your adoption process. What are wrap-around services for birth mothers in Texas? When choosing Austin adoption or Texas adoption, you will receive financial aid, transportation services, free adoption consoling, legal support, and post-partum support

Creating An Adoption Plan 

When you reach Adoption Choices of Texas, you will be assigned an adoption specialist who will help you create an adoption plan. What exactly is an adoption plan? An adoption plan is like an outline that lists all of the decisions and support you need throughout your adoption journey. Furthermore, this includes the type of adoption you choose and any wrap-around services you require. 

Birth Mother Rights In Texas 

A concern of many birth mothers during the adoption process is that they will require the permission of the birth father. We understand that this creates panic and a lot of unnecessary stress that can damage your health. However, it is important to know that if you are not married. Under Texas law, the birth mother has automatic rights over her child and can make all of the decisions on her own without the permission of the father. 

However, if the Birth father has signed an Acknowledgment of Paternity or has taken a DNA test to prove that he is the father, you will need permission from the father to opt for adoption.  

What Rights Do Texas Teen Birth Mothers Have?

And if you are pregnant or a parent of a pregnant teen, you may wonder what your parental rights are. That is understandable because both are stressful. Knowing that you were pregnant when you were a teen causes panic and anxiety. Now you have to worry about being pregnant on top of all your teenage problems.  

In Texas, teens who are pregnant have the right to decide what they do with their pregnancy. This includes taking time off for prenatal visits, adoption, termination, education, and any other health issues she may have. However, if you are a pregnant teen, and are afraid that your mom or dad can control what you do with your baby. it is important to know that unless you give your parents permission, they do not have any rights over your child’s unborn baby.  

What Does The Bible Say About Adoption? 

It is important to know that Adoption Choices of Texas is a non-faith-based agency. That means we accept birth mothers from all backgrounds and faiths. However, we understand that many birth mothers may be uncertain about putting up their baby for adoption because of their religious beliefs. That is Okay. The bible does state that adoption is an extension of God’s love and that choosing adoption is not giving up a baby but giving new life to another family.  

Why Choose Adoption Choices of Texas 

Although you may feel alone and may think that only teens or birth mothers from poorer backgrounds choose adoption, a lot of birth mothers are normal women who do not have the resources to take care of their child. Adoption is completely normal. If you are planning to choose adoption, choose Adoption Choices of Texas. We will support you throughout your adoption journey. 

Si usted es una madre biológica que no habla inglés y busca información sobre la adopción en Texas, puede encontrar información adicional aquí.

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