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All About More Choices Infertility Journal

By Charley Lustig

Frustration. Anger. Confusion. Hopeless. Sorrow. These are not just words; they are powerful emotions. They are emotions that demand to be felt throughout all walks of life, especially through journeys of infertility. 

Maybe you have finally decided that you were finally ready to walk through the jungle of parenthood. At last, you felt like it was the right time, you found the right person, and you were in the right place to welcome a child. But after extensive efforts, your dreams come crashing down. Where do you go from here? How do you cope with the emotional turmoil inside you? What can help channel these negatives into positives? 

More Choices Publications has taken into consideration this intrusion of emotions for those struggling with infertility and created the Infertility Journal! 

What is the Infertility Journal?

This isn’t any other journal that is full of blank pages, leaving you wondering where to start. The Infertility Journal is specifically designed to help those who are faced with infertility. It includes a series of writing prompts, inspirational quotes, and informational sections. 

Who is the Infertility Journal for?

One great thing about this journal is that it can be used by anyone at any point since the discovery of infertility. So whether you have recently been declared infertile, started IVF, or are trying to adopt, this journal is for you! 

How can Journaling Benefit Those Struggling with Infertility?

Journaling is a great outlet for everyone! People are guilty of bottling up emotions from time to time. But having the ability to free those emotions is essential for both mental and physical health. Here are some ways journaling can be of assistance to you…

  • Understand your Emotions

Sometimes it can feel like there is too much going on in your head. With the help of the Infertility Journal’s prompts, you are able to sort through those jumbled emotions. Writing your responses can help you navigate through and understand your thoughts and feelings. After finishing a prompt, you have the ability to reflect and better understand yourself. 

  • Show Progress and Growth

You do not have to complete the entire journal to see any growth. With each prompt, you might find yourself progressing without even knowing it. When you put in the effort to answer a question or meditate on a quote, you are accomplishing more and more. Piece by piece, you are working through your struggles and healing those inner layers. 

  • Strengthen Communication

Oftentimes it is easier to write, erase, and rewrite our emotions than try to explain them to others on the spot. By taking the time to figure out the right phrasing and word choice, you are becoming a better communicator. This will make talking with your friends and family about your feelings much easier and clearer. 

  • Find Acceptance 

Unfortunately, life throws these obstacles with little to no explanation, making them harder to bear. The Infertility Journal can ease this burden on your shoulders. It can push you towards that feeling of acceptance and moving forward on the other opportunities of life. This journal allows you to see the goodness in your life, even if it is hard to see during this time. 

Where can I Purchase the Infertility Journal? 

You can now purchase the Infertility Journal, Baby or Not Here We Grow, on Amazon! This allows for a speedy delivery on your journaling journey. 

Don’t Wait to Start Your Infertility Journal! 

Don’t be embarrassed if you are struggling with infertility. This is something millions of people struggle with every day. Promote a sense of awareness for those struggling and the normalcy of it by purchasing this journal! Dig deeper into your emotions, use inspirational quotes, and learn more about infertility with the Infertility Journal. 

Infertility may be a setback in your plans and goals that you originally had in life. Use this journal as a way to navigate through its inconveniences and emotional pain. Find a way to channel those negatives into momentum and positives. There are other ways to continue on a path toward parenting- IVF, adoption, fostering, etc. Discover your options and see if they are the right choice for you! 

You may often feel alone in this journal, unable to convert the flood of feelings into sentences or even words. More Choices Publications understands this inner battle. Therefore, they have tailored this journal to the questions many struggling wish they were asked. With the help of Marketing Choices’ publicity and you, the Infertility Journal, can be of service to more people! 

Get your Infertility Journal and begin your journey today! 

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