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All About Birth Fathers in Adoption

By Alexis Diamond

What is a birth father? This question is likely one you know the answer to, or believe you might. Most would say it is the child’s father, which is correct. However, it only represents a partial truth. There is more to a birth father than what is readily present. There are responsibilities, rights, and misconceptions that come with being a birth father. Misconceptions can range from being negative to positive. Though, what is important to recognize is that they are not the full truth. Those considering adoption in Texas will be pleased to know we will provide insight into the truths. We at Adoption Choices of Texas understand the importance of knowing the facts. Therefore, we are here to provide a comprehensive list of truths and misconceptions for you. There is no need to worry through this phase of your adoption process. We are here to help. 

4 Misconceptions About Birth Fathers in an Adoption Context

Before we address the misconceptions, it is important to understand what a birth father is. A birth father is the child’s natural father. Though that is an important aspect of what a birth father is, there is more to it. Birth fathers are often directly involved in the adoption process. They also need much of the same support the birth mother does. However, there are many misconceptions about birth fathers. There are some more widely known birth father misconceptions:: 

  • The Birth Father is Uninvolved in the Adoption Process
  • The Birth Father is Unimportant
  • The Birth Father Gets No Say in the Adoption Plan
  • The Birth Father Has No Contact With Their Baby Post-Placement

The Birth Father is Uninvolved in the Adoption Process

Birth fathers are involved in the adoption process. What is important, however, is understanding their role. They help make decisions, and support the birth mother, as she is carrying the baby. Although there are those who choose not to be involved, there are many who will. This should not keep birth fathers from maintaining their role in putting their baby up for adoption

The Birth Father is Unimportant in the Adoption Process

The birth father is actually very important to their child’s adoption, as they are highly involved in the decision-making! Much of the responsibility might fall on the birth mother, but the birth father is still highly involved. Similar to the birth mother, he is responsible for adoption-related decisions like finances, counseling, and helping in the choosing of an adoptive family. Laws surrounding adoption ensure that the birth father has involvement rights and is able to help make adoption choices. 

The Birth Father Gets No Say in the Adoption Plan

As mentioned previously, birth fathers do have rights in the adoption process. They are allowed to make decisions, if they choose to. What is important to understand is that, most often, they will choose to help the birth mother. Although there are some that made the decision to be uninvolved, there are many who choose to help. It is also important that the birth father is in agreement that adoption is the best option. For legality sake, it is best to have consent of both parents before moving forward, which many birth mothers will. 

The Birth Father Has No Contact With Their Baby Post-Placement

With adoption, it is important to keep in mind that both birth parents have the option of maintaining contact with their child. The options available are open adoption and semi-open, which both include either full involvement in the child’s life, or some. The final is closed adoption, which is no contact. The birth father and birth mother are allowed to decide from these three options. Because they have this option, there is a possibility that the birth father will choose to maintain contact. Though they will not always choose to, it should not affect the recognition of those that do. 

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Looking at Adoption With English as a Second Language

Adoption in itself can be very stressful. It can become even more so when struggling with English as a second language. There are links and resources that we at Adoption Choices of Texas provide such as adopcion de bebes and adopcion en Texas. We can ensure that you and your baby are very well taken care of, and that you are conscious of all your options. You will never have to venture through the adoption process alone. 

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