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All About Adoptive Parents

By Alexis Diamond

Adoption, though widely recognized, is not something that most individuals are fully understanding of. Their recognition of what adoption in Texas means stops at the notion of someone being taken in by another family. Because most lack the proper understanding of adoption, many begin to believe it is an option for uncaring birth mothers. This, however, is not the case.

Adoption is a very selfless act. It is often done by those who want the best for themselves and their baby. In fact, 80%-90% of the moms placing their babies for adoption already have kids. This furthers the fact that adoption is not done out of spite, but rather, care. Because knowledge on the adoption process is lacking, those putting their baby up for adoption might be unaware of how to do so. They may also be unsure as to what it entails. We here at Adoption Choices of Texas are happy to assist you on your adoption journey. You can be assured that you and your child’s best interests will be in mind. 

The Adoption Process

Before your journey begins, it is important to consider whether a doula is something you would be interested in. Doula services are always with you, and can be selected either at the beginning, middle, or end of the pregnancy. They can aid in whatever pregnancy-related needs you might have and ensure that you are well taken care of. 

The process officially begins with reaching out to Adoption Choices of Texas. There we can assist you with the specifics of your adoption journey. This can include a multitude of services to be mentioned later, which you can decide what you need. We can match you with an adoption advisor to assist you throughout the entire process, and advise decision-making. 

Why Choose Adoption Choices of Texas?

We understand the emotional and physical strain that pregnancy can hold on birth mothers. In order to help throughout the process, we offer many services to make it less strenuous for you. These services include financial advising, housing, counseling, and assistance in curating your adoption plan. Other services include

  • Medical Support
  • Transportation
  • Support Counseling
  • Birth and Legal Services

There are also many post-adoption support programs available for you in Texas if you choose to partake in one. If you are unsure which to choose, we can help you decide. You will not have to venture through this alone, and we will be sure to keep you cognizant of all of your options. 

Another important detail about Austin adoption that you should be aware of are our wrap-around services. As mentioned previously, pregnancy, planned or unplanned, can be incredibly stressful for the birth mother. Thus, our insistence on providing many types of care. 

How Do I Choose My Adoption Agency?

For those living in Texas, it is important to choose an agency that is local to you. This can include our Austin adoption center, as well as the ones in San Antonio and Houston to name a few. For those in Dallas, you may want to consider adoption agencies in Dallas. You get to decide which agency you would like to continue your services with. We urge you to choose the one closest to you for convenience. Each of them offer the same central services that were mentioned previously for you to decide from. 

Adoption For Those With English as a Second Language

There also options for those whose primary language is Spanish.  If you have questions regarding adopcion de bebes or adopcion en Texas, there are sources we provide for you. There are compassionate adoption advocates willing to work with you through every step and keep you fully knowledgeable of the adoption process. All of the same services will be offered to you from beginning to end, and we will ensure your well-being throughout every step. 

Experiencing an Unplanned Pregnancy

If you are a birth mother who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, feel free to reach out at any point for assistance. Adoption Choices of Texas will be sure to care for you and keep your adoption options open for you. You will not have to venture through your pregnancy unknowingly, thus we are able to answer any questions you might have. 

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