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All About Adoptees

By Conner Sura

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can turn a birth mother’s world upside down, and she might choose the incredibly different process of putting up her baby for adoption. Adoption is an incredibly selfless choice that a birth mother could make. However, we understand it can be scary. Adoption Choices of Texas wants adoption to go well with all birth mothers and children. We understand the apprehension of giving up your baby for adoption. You and your child are the most important things to us, and we make sure that both of you will feel comfortable during and after the adoption process.   

También entendemos que si usted no es un hablante nativo de inglés, es posible que tenga inquietudes adicionales con respecto a la adopción en Texas o la adopción de bebés. Está bien, Adoption Choices of Texas ofrece apoyo multilingüe para las madres biológicas. Esto incluye el español. Queremos que todos los bebés se sientan cómodos, independientemente de lo que hablen y de dónde sean. 

Who is an Adoptee? 

Before we begin, we must talk about what an adoptee is. An adoptee refers to a child who was placed into adoption. An adoptee can be any child or person who has been placed into adoption. This includes foster care. The title adoptee does not fade with age. An adoptee can come from any type of family, and the relationship they have with their birth parents depends on the type of adoption they choose.  

However, the record of them being adopted will still be in the record of the adoption agency and state. Although, the term adoptee is often associated with children. It is important to note that the title does not fade with age.  

How Does Adoption Affect Adoptees? 

One size does fit all. Everyone responded differently to different things. This includes adoptees and how they react to being adopted. Some adoptees will react more positively than others, while other adoptees might react more negatively. Adoptees are humans, and every story is unique. It is impossible to know exactly how your baby will react once they find out they were adopted.  

Although it is normal to have anxiety and fear of giving your child to strangers, it is important to know that once, your child will be grateful for the life you gave them. The family and friends that they have met. The opportunities you might not have been able to provide. Even if they do not show that they are grateful and hide it behind six feet of concrete, underneath, they are so incredibly proud and grateful for the opportunities you gave by choosing adoption. You gave your child a better chance of a new and better life. 

How Does Adoption Work for the Adoptee? 

How adoption works for the adoptee depends on a few factors. This includes whether the child is born yet or not. If the birth mother is currently pregnant with the adoptee. The adoptee will stay with the birth mother until he or she is born. However, to begin the adoption process- a birth mother must reach out to Adoption Choices of Texas. And if you live in Austin, our Austin adoption service will be able to help you. After the birth mother connects with us, she will meet with an adoption specialist who will help her create an adoption plan

While creating her adoption plan- the birth mother will be able to choose from a wide array of adoption financial aid and wrap-around services. This includes housing support if the mother is homeless, transportation, and payments for medical, utility, and grocery bills. We want the adoption process to be comfortable for our birth mothers and their adopted children. Our Austin services provide additional information on our financial aid programs. 

Choosing the Right Type of Texas Adoption

Additionally, when creating your adoption plan, you will be able to choose from three different types of adoption. These three different types of adoption will impact how you and your child will move forward with your lives. 

  1. Open adoption is when the birth mother and their child can have an active relationship with each other post-adoption. However, remember, when you place your child into adoption- you waive all your parental rights away. 
  2. Closed Adoption is the inverse of an open adoption. When you place your child into adoption, you will not be able to contact them or have any communication with the adoptive family. A closed adoption is usually used when a birth mother wishes to remain anonymous.  
  3. Semi-open adoption is when the birth mother and the adoptive family are allowed contact through a mediator like a lawyer or the adoption agency. With a semi-open adoption, the birth mom and adoptive family can send letters, messages, and photos through mediators. 

Behavior of Adopted Children 

A common and incredibly harmful myth about adoption is that adoptees grow up to be rowdy and undisciplined. This is simply not the case. How a child grows up and their worldview is dependent on how they were raised by their parents. This is the same with adoptees. Although Hollywood has portrayed adoptees as troublesome- it’s all Hollywood fantasy. Real adoptees grew up to be well-adjusted and contributing members of society. Additionally, no studies have shown that adoptees falter in test or behavior scores. 

Adoptees and the Future of Adoption 

We understand that adoption is scary. That giving your child to another family that you do not know is terrifying. However, we hope today that we alleviate some fears about the adoption process and the effects that it has on your baby. You and your child are the most important things at Adoption Choices of Texas. We want you to feel safe and secure. If you are looking to place your child up for adoption, we have adoption agencies in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Remember, you are not giving anything up. You are giving your child a chance for a new and better life.

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