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Adoptive Parent Stories

We believe all of us, especially the most vulnerable among us, deserve love, justice, and opportunity to thrive. Adoption is a powerful and beautiful means through which birth parents and adoptive parents can pursue love and justice together for a child.

Akhtar Family

Adoptive Parents

Adoptive Parents

We had been told horror stories about how long the wait would be to adopt a baby. We finished our paperwork at the beginning of May and were matched by the end of the month. This is unheard of. Adoption Choices of Texas is amazing. They are very hands on. Willing to answer all of your questions no matter how long it takes. They also are great with the birthmothers as well. The one-on-one attention that they show them makes the transition easier for everyone. We feel very blessed to have found this agency and the wonderful people who work there. They leave no stone unturned and have made this process enjoyable for our family as we have welcomed our new baby boy into our lives! I would recommend this agency to anyone planning on using a professional, well run agency!


Adoptive Parent

We started working with Adoption Choices of Texas in July 2012. The social worker, Jennifer, was outstanding. Being first time adoptive parents we had lots of questions and concerns, she was always willing to explain the process and answer and questions. A very admirable quality of Jennifer’s was her true desire to care for and help the birthmother through the process as well. She recognized that everyone involved had numerous emotions and was respectful of everyone involved. She made an effort to go with the birth mother to doctor appointments to provide support to her as well as provide information back to us. It was obvious to us that finding loving homes for children was more than a job to her but a passion to bring families to together. The adoption process is an emotional roller coaster with numerous unknowns and it was very comforting to work with the people at Adoption Choices of Texas and in particular Jennifer.

John and Chuck

Adoptive Parents

We have had the good fortune to work with Jamie Graves for the adoption of our first child and are currently working with her as we prepare to adopt our second baby. The adoption process is daunting and extremely emotional. However, Jamie is able to keep everything running smoothly and calmly. She is able to support both the birth parents and the adoptive parents and masterfully builds a strong relationship between the two parties. She has always been available to answer any question that we’ve had and more importantly has helped us understand the feelings and needs of the birth parents. Jamie is always professional and makes sure that deadlines are met in a timely manner and that all procedures are followed. With that said, we have always felt like she cares about us as individuals and is invested in the future of our family. She is passionate, caring, and empathetic in her work with families during one of the most important and delicate times of their lives. She is a big part of our family formation story, and we will forever be grateful that our paths crossed.

Jed and Scott

Adoptive Parents

We have been so pleased with Adoption Choices of Texas! The staff is amazing! They helped us navigate through everything and made us feel at ease! Angie was who we mainly dealt with after being matched with our expectant mother and we absolutely LOVE her! She is so kind and truly cares about our expectant mama and us too! She always answered my calls or texts no matter the time or day! She would always get back to us promptly with information and always made us feel like we could ask or say anything. We would highly recommend this agency to anyone wanting to adopt or any birth parents who are considering placing their child up for adoption! You feel like family at the end of it all and you develope really close relationships with everyone envolved! We are so excited to have an open adoption with our expectant mama! She truly has become part of our family and we love her and her family so much! Thank you Angie and everyone at Adoption Choices of Texas for all you have done for us and our expectant mama! We are forever greatful!


Adoptive Parents

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