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Why Does Adoption Stilly Carry So Much Stigma in Texas?

By Talia Washington

Considering adoption is an emotional and life-changing decision. Adoption Choices of Texas is here for you. You are an unexpected mother exploring the best for your unborn child. The adoption process is difficult and emotionally rattling enough without the negative stigma of adoption. The ideals surrounding putting up a child for adoption often prevent others from building families outside of their biology. We are here to talk about why adoption stigma in Texas and answer a few commonly asked questions.

Why is Adoption Such A Taboo Subject? 

There are many reasons adoption is considered taboo. For example, the ideology of family structure or religion can impact beliefs. Others feel as if they could never bond with a child that did not biologically come from them. Additionally, anti-adoption groups have negative depictions of those who put their baby up for adoption and spread mistruths. These are just a few reasons that make adoption such a taboo subject. Let’s explore a few more…

Is Adoption a Cop-out? 

We can address one of the most harmful views first. Some believe lack of responsibility leads birth mothers to adoption. Strongly opinionated groups go as far as calling adoption a cop-out. People often refer to the adoption process as ‘giving up’ the child. This choice of words implies that your child is being given up on. We do not call it giving up, we do not help birth mothers give up their children. Adoption Choices of Texas helps birth mothers to place baby for adoption.

We can best combat this point of view by first acknowledging the difficult circumstances some of you have overcome. You are strong enough to be here, willing to give your child a life you understand you cannot supply. We understand that one truly knows the best route for you besides yourself. Adoption Choices of Texas does not judge nor discriminate. You do not owe anyone an explanation for your decision. Our job is to help you make the best decision for yourself and your child.

Is Adoption Safe? 

Another common concern stirring up stigmatic light is the safety of adoption. A fear (and misconception) includes the risk of abusive or neglectful adoptive parents. This misguided belief fails to recognize the rigorous screening process that adoptive parents undergo before being approved. 

Adoption Choices of Texas adoption agencies require a full home study, background check, and proof of financial stability, and offer full adoptive parent training. After adoptive parents are qualified an adoption counselor works with our mothers to ensure that children are well-placed. There are wonderful families looking for children due to infertility and other issues. The exploitation of children is something we use countless resources to avoid. 

What about Open Adoption?

Some believe adopted children grow up to feel abandoned or unfilled. It creates stigma, creating a false truth. While it is natural for children to wonder where they come from, this perspective dismisses the possibility of them being in contact with their birth parents. The birth mother can work with the adoption agencies to set up an open adoption. Birth mothers may choose to be known and stay in the child’s life. Adoption does not mean closure. It’s a beginning. 

Is there a Disconnect with Adopted Children?

The concerns about birth mothers come with concern for the adoptive parents. There is stigma related to people connecting with the child. It may be due to a lack of common interests, personality differences, etc. Parents having trouble connecting with biological children is taboo, so people are falsely alarmed for adopted children even more.

Adoption Choices of Texas also works closely with birth mothers to connect children with people they will feel connected to. The adoption process and the option of open adoption eases the concern of disconnect and combats stigma.

Considering Adoption? Want to Help Dispel Adoption Stigma in Texas?

The unknown keeps many birth mothers from considering adoption. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to make the adoption process as stress-free as possible. As a mother constructing an adoption plan, it’s important to understand that stigma should be looked at as a social shortcoming, not factual. You are not irresponsible or looking to trade off responsibility. You are an unexpected mother exploring the best options for your unborn child.

Adoption Choices of Texas is here to make the adoption process stress-free so you can focus on the health of your and your child’s health. The reason adoption is considered taboo in Texas is a genuine lack of knowledge. If you are considering adoption and have questions please contact Adoption Choices of Texas.

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