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Adoption Misconceptions of Texas Birth Mothers

By Kelly Paczkowski

With an unplanned pregnancy, many things can go through a woman’s mind. Am I in a place in my life where I can raise a baby? Do I have the support right now? They also may be thinking that there are no options out there for them, but there are. Adoption has become a great option for birth parents who want to provide a life filled with love. When people think of a birth mother, their thoughts are usually accompanied by a certain image. Some people think of a young girl in her teens or of a single mother. In all actuality, birth mothers come from all walks of life. Some women are in their 30s and 40s and might have families. Or some women are just not in a place in their lives where they can raise a child. Here we will help debunk common adoption misconceptions about Texas birth mothers. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to consider an adoption plan.

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Myths of Birth Mothers

Myth #1 – Birth mothers end up regretting their decision

It can be easy to jump to conclusions about birth mothers and their feelings, but you should never judge a book by its cover with anything. There can be various reasons that a birth mother has decided to place their child for adoption. While it has happened when a birth mother may change their mind, it is quite rare. Once an adoption plan has been implemented, a birth mother has thought long and hard about what is right for her and her child. Since placing a child for adoption can be difficult and emotional, a birth mother is not likely to change her mind once she chooses a better future for her baby.

Myth #2 – Birth mothers do not want to connect to their child

While it can seem that once a birth mother has placed their child for adoption through an adoption agency, they will want to forget them. This is very far from the truth. Even in a closed adoption, where there might be no communication between the birth mother and adoptive family, a birth mother will think of her child often. Of course, a birth mother will have her reasons for choosing a closed adoption, but even with open or semi-open adoption, there are still boundaries to be adhered to. 

Myth #3 – Birth mothers are taking the easy way out

Actually, birth mothers are making the most difficult decision. They are putting their child’s needs in front of their own, but they are also setting them up for a bright future. Adoption is one of the most beautiful actions and can bring about feelings of grief and loss. However, every birth mother has reasons for placing their child for adoption and does not take that decision lightly.  

Myth #4 – Birth mothers will try to take their baby back

Often, people will picture a birth mother as changing her mind or trying to get her baby back after a while. This does not happen very often. Usually, by the time that birth happens, a birth mother’s decision has been set, and she does not want to get in the way of the family she has chosen for her baby. She may have a host of emotions running through her, but she knows that she made this decision for a reason and will do anything not to break it.

Every Adoption Plan is Different

Every scenario in an adoption plan is different. There is no right way or wrong way to develop an adoption plan. However, myths and misconceptions about birth mothers can be easily debunked, and raising awareness can bring an understanding of adoption.  

At Adoption Choices of Texas, we will never judge a birth mother for her decision. We respect birth mothers and will treat you with dignity. If you face an unplanned pregnancy, we encourage you to reach out to our adoption agency. Our adoption specialists are there to answer your questions and help you make the right decision for your situation. Even if adoption might not be the best solution, we will gladly inform you about your options.

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