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Adoption in San Antonio

Are you shocked to discover you’re pregnant? If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or you are pregnant and you are not ready to parent and you live in or near San Antonio and need help creating an adoption plan now, we offer the best adoption services in Texas. We can help you as the best adoption agencies in San Antonio. Start by calling or texting us at 945-444-0333. Our goal is to meet your needs quickly and with compassion, recognizing that every situation is unique.

Adoption Agencies in San Antonio

When you decide to choose adoption, Adoption Choices of Texas in San Antonio works to create an adoption plan based on what you want. You are in total control of the adoption process and your plan. Adoption options include choosing an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption, creating a budget for any financial assistance you need, choosing an adoptive family, creating a birth and hospital plan, and post-placement communication and support.

We can meet you virtually or at home, at the hospital, or wherever you feel comfortable. Contact us via a phone call, text messaging, or video call also works for us. Our adoption professionals are prepared to provide confidential support to help you navigate through whatever decision is best for you and your baby. Adoption counselors are available 24/7 and are ready to meet you where you feel most comfortable and answer any questions you have. Even if your baby has already been born, you can choose to make an adoption plan. Call us from the hospital and we will come to provide services, provide information about waiting families for you to choose from, and ensure your rights are being met through Texas law.


Adoption Services with Adoption Choices in San Antonio


San Antonio adoption services are free and confidential to explore all of your pregnancy options and adoption options. We pride ourselves on being able to provide personal and individual attention to each and every woman that chooses to work with us. Here are just a few adoption services we offer:

  • Financial stability and support – we can cover reasonable pregnancy expenses
  • Medical care and finding pre-natal care – we want to ensure your health
  • A safe place to stay if you need – we want you to be safe and comfortable
  • Supportive counseling before and long after your adoption placement

Adoption can be a loving and healthy experience for everyone involved. You will never be coerced or pressured at our agency and certainly never judged for your choices. We are here to help you through the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Texas will help create a custom, unique, individual adoption plan with you.

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, having limited available resources may be a major challenge. Our adoption agency in San Antonio helps birth parents with critical resources such as housing, food, and medical care. Your Adoption Choices pregnancy counselor will work with you to create a plan that meets your specific needs.


Open Adoption in San Antonio


Adoption has changed so much over the last couple of decades. Adoption is no longer a secret, it’s not forced, and instead, today, birth mothers and birth fathers are typically very involved with all aspects of the adoption process. Birth parents are often included in selecting, meeting, and maintaining regular communication with the adoptive parents. This is called open adoption.

Open adoption is positive for all involved, most important the child. Contrary to previous beliefs, children in open adoptions have no confusion as to who their parents are. If anything, openness can help children understand adoption even better. Most adoptions today have some level of openness.

There are several degrees of openness, and your Adoption Choices pregnancy counselor will help you explore what kind of contact makes the most sense for you. This might include a periodic exchange of pictures and letters or a visit from time to time. We have a lot of experience in this area and we will guide you through these important decisions when you create your adoption plan. Whether you want a completely open adoption, a semi-open adoption, or a closed adoption, we can work with you in San Antonio and across Texas.

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