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Adoption in Houston


If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Houston, Texas and searching for how to “put my baby for adoption we are a local, private adoption agency that can help. What does that mean? First, it means that we are here for you, locally, and meet you where you are! We have local offices across Texas or we will come to you anywhere in Texas!! We will meet you where you’re at or visit with you virtually.

Next, it means we are licensed by the state of Texas so can offer court approved living expenses. Throughout your pregnancy, we can help birth mothers who choose adoption with:

  • Financial stability
  • Medical care
  • A safe place to stay
  • Supportive counseling
  • And more! Your assistance is as unique as your situation and as customized as your adoption plan

We are Your Texas Adoption Advocates

Finally it means that we are your advocates. We fully support birth mothers through the adoption process in Texas. The adoption process can feel complicated and feel really big! You are considering, how to put a child up for adoption! Where do you even begin? Adoption Choices of Texas is your leading adoption center serving birth mothers and adoptive families in Houston and statewide across Texas.

From the beginning, we will help you create an adoption plan that works for you. You will choose the type of adoption – open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. You will also be able to review family profiles and choose the adoptive parents who will adopt your child. We will work with you through all of these decisions. Just know that you are in total control of your adoption planning.

Adoption Birth Plan in Texas

When it’s time to deliver, we will respect your wishes as to a hospital and birth plan. Some birth mothers are alone and request their adoption specialist or adoptive parent to be present during the delivery. Others have family, friend, or birth father support or choose to be alone. It’s HER choice! It’s YOUR choice!

The adoption legal process will be explained to you in full in advance of your delivery.  Forty-eight (48) hours after the birth, we will assist you as you sign a Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights Document. The child is released from the hospital with the adoptive family.

Adoption Agencies Near Me in Texas

This might be a difficult and possibly confusing time for you. Plus, you have a lot of adoption agencies in Texas to choose from. We are confident in our adoption services, our adoption specialists, and the success of our adoption programs. Let us help you make a decision that is right for you and your child!

Birth Parent hotline: 945-444-0333 (Call or Text 24/7)

Why Should I Choose Adoption Choices of Texas in Houston Adoption Agency?

  1. We are here for you
  2. We are licensed by the state of Texas
  3. We are your advocates
  4. We will be with you through every step of the adoption process

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