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Adoption in Dallas


If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Dallas, Texas and do not wish to parent, we are a licensed adoption agency that can help now. You are searching for adoption agencies; Adoption Choices of Texas is the leading adoption center in Texas with offices and support located all over Texas. We serve birth mothers choosing adoption and adoptive families in Dallas who want to adopt a baby. Adoption Choices specialize in domestic, newborn adoptions. This means that our focus is in Texas, U.S.A. not in international adoptions. We also focus on the pregnant women who choose adoption and newborns. In fact, we are birth mother advocates!

The adoption process in Dallas, Texas is complex. To place a child for adoption is not an easy consideration nor an easy process. Therefore, working with experienced staff, adoption experts! will provide you the confidence and comfort you need through your journey. We are dedicated to making sure you understand each step of the adoption process and that you are comfortable with all the decisions you make regarding placing your child for adoption.

Adoption is a loving, healthy choice and can be a positive, loving experience!

We have a local office in Dallas at 5005 W Royal Ln Suite 291, Irving, TX 75063 but we can come to you!! Our professionals will meet you wherever you feel comfortable – at home, at a coffee shop, at the hospital – any where! Prefer to meet virtually? Contact us via text, call, or video. Find us on social media platforms as well! Obviously, we are available to you!

Adoption Choices of Texas Adoption Agency

From the moment you choose adoption, we will work with you to create a unique adoption plan that meets your needs. You can choose an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption – we will go over each option in detail, pros and cons, and help you choose the best for you and your baby. Search through multiple adoptive family profiles and be able to choose the adoptive parents who will adopt your child. Our families are thoroughly screened and have passed a Home Study. They are a diverse group and are ready to meet you.

More Dallas Adoption Services

We can help birth mothers throughout her pregnancy and even after the adoption with:

  • Medical care | Pre-natal care
  • Financial assistance and reasonable living expenses
  • A safe place to stay | apartment or help with rent
  • Supportive counseling before and after adoption

You will also create a hospital and birth plan so when it’s time to give birth, everyone will know how you want the birth to go. This might include who you want in the delivery room (given the current COVID restrictions, these choices might be limited), whether or not you will hold the baby and for how long, who will name the baby, and more!

We will also review the adoption legal process in Dallas with you before you give birth. It’s important to us that you understand all aspects of the adoption process.

Adoption might be a hard decision for you or it might be an easy decision. Either way, you don’t need to go at it alone. Let us help you make a decision that is right for you and your child and walk you through your adoption journey.

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