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Adoption Choices of Texas Celebrates National Sons and Daughters Day

National Sons and Daughters Day occur every year on August eleventh. It is a holiday focused on celebrating family. Specifically, it is focused on celebrating the relationships between parents and their children. It brings parents and children together to help everyone feel appreciated, loved, and heard. National Sons and Daughters Day can be an extremely difficult day for birth mothers. If you are a birth mother looking for unplanned pregnancy help or considering placing your baby for adoption, this day could be particularly challenging for you.

However, it is a day that you should feel like you can celebrate and acknowledge yourself. You may be thinking, there is no way I can celebrate a day focused on parents and children, how could I do that?

This post, along with other resources from Adoption Choices of Texas, will be able to help you be able to celebrate National Sons and Daughters Day. It may seem like an unthinkable idea to acknowledge, let alone celebrate a day like August eleventh. But, by celebrating National Sons and Daughters Day, you will be helping yourself on your physical and emotional journey after going through an adoption for your baby to be happy and healthy.

It is Okay Grieve Your Adoption Loss

An important thing to remember about celebrating a day like National Sons and Daughters Day is that it is okay and essential for you to allow yourself time to grieve. It is essential for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being that you give yourself the time to process what you have gone through.

Adoption is not an easy journey to go on. It is a long, difficult, and emotionally taxing process to undertake. You have most likely gone through nine months of hard decisions, racing thoughts, and heartbreak. You have done something that only fellow birth mothers can understand, just how painful it can be. placing a baby for adoption is not an easy choice, and there will be feelings of loss, sorrow, and possible depression that can come up.

Birth mothers can make the understandable decision to try and block out these emotions as they can feel like they are too much to handle. But, your post-adoption recovery needs to allow you to feel it all. Only by allowing yourself to feel the grief can you begin to start a new chapter of love, acceptance, and peace.

Honor Your Adoption Journey

Another important thing that you can do to celebrate and get through National Sons and Daughters Day is to honor your story. All birth mothers have similar but unique stories about their adoption in Texas. While each story may have similar realities, each is special because they represent each woman and their story.

This is the same for you!

Honor your story by sharing it with those you love. Be open and honest with your support network about your adoption story. Whether that be your parents, family, partner, friends, mentors, or counselors, don’t be afraid to tell your story. Your support system is there to help you through this difficult time. If they love you, they will want you to be able to express how you are feeling and what you are experiencing.

Find Comfort in Celebarting National Sons and Daughters Day

It can be healing and comforting for you to celebrate National Sons and Daughters Day in your unique way. Just like every birth mother’s story, similar but unique. The way that each birth mother may celebrate this day is similar but unique. It all depends on your life situation and the type of adoption you had finalized.

If you have an open or semi-open adoption, you may want to celebrate this day by having some form of contact with your child. This could be in the form of a letter, phone call, video chat, or in-person visit. Whatever method of contact that you will have depends on the agreement that you made with your child’s adoptive family. Use this day and time to share your story, answer your child’s questions, and be present in the moment.

If you have a closed adoption, there are still ways for you to celebrate National Sons and Daughters Day. This could be through having a meal with your support team, writing a letter to your child for yourself, interacting with other birth mothers, or doing whatever feels natural for you. Don’t feel pressure to do something big and exciting! Just you, acknowledging to yourself what you have experienced, mental celebrating your child, and looking forward to the future you have, is a way to celebrate the day!

Celebrating National Sons and Daughters Day with Adoption Choices of Texas

National Sons and Daughters Day can be an extremely difficult day for birth mothers to experience. A day that is focused on unifying and celebrating parents and children may stir up a lot of emotions and feelings that you may not want to surface. It is understandable for you to be nervous or unsure about what to do on this day.

You have gone through a unique and challenging experience, and while this day may bring up just how challenging it was, it is important to honor the amazing thing that you did!

We at Adoption Choices of Texas understand how difficult this can be. Your adoption team will be there with you throughout this time to answer your questions and support you. But, we also know how healing and freeing it is to be able to celebrate days like National Sons and Daughters Day. By celebrating the day, you are allowing yourself to heal, feel what you are feeling, and find peace in your life.

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