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5 Reasons to Choose a Single Man to Adopt Your Baby in Texas

By Morgan Jacobus 

At Adoption Choices of Texas, we understand that pursuing adoption can be stressful and emotional. There can be an overwhelming number of choices throughout this journey. From considering what to do after you find out you are pregnant to deciding which local adoption agency to use, there are a lot of decisions. 

When placing your baby for adoption in Texas, it is important to consider the different placements that are available. Your adoption service can help you discern which choice is the best fit for you. For instance, you could adopt a family without kids or one that already has kids. There are heterosexual couples, or there are also usually LGBTQ couples looking to adopt as well. Though a more unconventional option, you could choose to adopt your child to a single parent. 

1. Single men looking to adopt are motivated

Since they aren’t usually seen as traditional caretakers, they can face more adversity than other adoptive candidates. They may have to wait longer and have enduring motivation and patience during the adoption process. As a result, these men have great persistence and dedication to being a parent. 

A single man who chooses adoption has to go through many steps in order to be shown as an option to someone like you. He likely researched different local adoption agencies and went through extensive screening. The process can be lengthy and tiring, but people who are confident and dedicated make it through. 

2. Single parents can be great role models to their children

The motivation and drive that the adoptive father had to adopt will be observed and likely replicated by the adopted child. Further, the persistence that the father had during the adoption process in Texas is likely a trait that they will carry with them throughout their life with their new child. Children look to their parents for how to behave and will use them as role models as they grow. A single man can be an inspiration to their child. 

3. Stable environment and consistent parenting style 

Two-parent households often have conflict over how to best raise their child. When there is only one parent, this conflict would not be an issue. A single father would be the sole decision-maker. 

A single man who makes the life-changing decision to adopt does not take the decision lightly and will do his best to ensure the child’s needs are met. Being the sole provider, he would prioritize the child’s best interests when making decisions that affect the child. 

4. Single parents raise independent children 

With one caregiver, a child learns to be more independent and rely upon themselves. Further, beyond being independent, a child also learns what it may be like to juggle multiple responsibilities more effectively from their parent. A single parent pursuing adoption, likely adoption in San Antonio, TX, will have many responsibilities they balance. To support a family on their own, they likely will have a successful career, which is another admirable trait. 

Single father may also raise their child to share the responsibilities of their household, further growing their independence and self-sufficiency. It can also be empowering for the child to feel responsible and depended on. 

5. Your child will be in a loving and supportive home 

There are men who want to be parents and feel strong enough in their desire to pursue it on their own. As with anyone else who wishes to adopt, single men deserve the chance to have a family. 

Adoption Choices of Texas carefully screens every prospective family to ensure that your child is placed in a safe and loving environment. Especially with single parents, we make sure that the parent will be able to provide and support a child.

Next Steps in Your Adoption Process

Ultimately, it is your decision of where and who your child is adopted to. You do not need to justify your decision to us, and we will respect your wishes. Our job is to be supportive of you and your baby throughout this process. 

We know that the thought of “putting my child up for adoption” or “dar a mi bebe en adopción” is not one that you take lightly. At Adoption Choices of Texas, we are here for you each step of the way. In order to help you through your decisions, we have several specialists and consultants to navigate through each step. 

If you are a woman who wants to know the choices available to her and make an adoption plan, contact Adoption Choices of Texas


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