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5 Misconceptions About Birth Mothers in Texas

By Ryan Yau

If you are a birth mother considering options for your baby, you may already be looking into adoption. You may also have some worries about the adoption of babies (“adopción de bebés”). Don’t worry, as many of these fears come from misconceptions about the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Texas can clear up any misconceptions to help you make an informed decision for your baby.

1. Placing Your Child for Adoption is a Selfish Act

One common stigma surrounding adoption is that birth mothers who place their children for adoption are selfish or lazy. The belief is in part rooted in the societal expectation for women to be mothers. As such, women who do not want to raise a child are stigmatized. However, this is unfair and untrue, and you should not think of adoption as selfish.

No matter the reason, it’s perfectly okay to be unable or unwilling to raise a baby. In fact, acknowledging this and placing your child for adoption is what’s best for everyone. Not only will your child find a loving home, but you give others the opportunity to raise a child. For some aspiring parents, adoption may be their only choice to raise a child. Therefore, you can think of adoption as a selfless act that benefits you, your child, and any adoptive parents.

2. You Can No Longer Visit Your Child After Adoption

You may also believe that once you place your child for adoption, you will no longer be able to visit them. This is not true for all types of adoption. If you choose an open adoption, you will exchange contact information with your child’s adoptive parents. You will then be able to visit your child. Depending on what you’ve planned with the adoptive parents, you may even contribute to raising them.

The amount of contact you want to keep with your child is completely up to preference. There are many types of adoption in Austin that can suit your individual needs. You may prefer a semi-open adoption, in which you will receive updates about your child directly from the adoption agency. Or you may choose a closed adoption, which means you will not be able to contact your child.

3. You Will Regret Placing Your Child for Adoption After It’s Too Late

Choosing what to do with your baby is a tremendous decision. Because of this, you may be scared that any decision you make will be irreversible. Of course, as with any decision of such importance, you may worry about what-ifs. Many mothers experience birth mother grief, a form of grief that comes from separating with your baby. Though this is a natural reaction to separation, it can definitely be tough to deal with. While we cannot guarantee you will have no regrets, there are ways to lessen any grief you experience.

An open adoption is one method for lessening birth mother grief. Because you will still have the option to visit your child, it can make physical separation easier to bear. Even if you are set on adoption, pregnancy creates a uniquely strong bond between mother and child. Open adoption is a good solution if you feel especially attached to your child.

We also can provide services to help with any grief experienced. With our Houston adoption agencies, we provide you with the assistance of an adoption specialist throughout the entire adoption process. This includes counseling services even after the adoption has been finalized. You may also want to join birth mother support groups to talk with others who have similar experiences.

4.You Cannot Choose a Last-Minute Adoption

You may want more time to make a decision about what to do with your baby. Fortunately, one of the benefits of adoption is that it can be chosen at any stage of pregnancy. In fact, you can even make the decision as you give birth at the hospital. Though it helps to have a plan beforehand, it’s better to make the decision when you feel secure about it. Simply contact a local agency, and we can help you get on with creating an adoption plan for your child.

5. Adoption is Something You Have to Do Alone

One trope you may see often about adoption is the single mother who has to seek adoption on their own. However, this does not have to be the case for every adoption. Adoption Choices of Texas is dedicated to helping you with your adoption. We help you create an adoption plan tailored to all your needs. The plan will include any financial and medical requirements you may have for the adoption.

This all makes sure you know what’s coming and are prepared for a pleasant adoption experience. Furthermore, you can choose your partner or the baby’s father to contribute in creating your adoption plan.

Clearing Up Misconceptions About Adoption

While there are many misconceptions about adoption still out there, hopefully we have cleared up some common ones. We believe that being aware helps you ultimately make the best decision for you and your child. If you have any further questions about the adoption process, Adoption Choices of Texas can keep you informed.

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