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3 Self-Care Tips for Birth Mothers in Texas During the Month of May

As a birth mother in Texas, the month of May can often be a difficult time. Because May is a time of celebration for mothers around the world, many birth mothers struggle to accept their role in their child’s life. However, it is important to remember that even after placing your child for adoption, you will always be their biological mother. That being said, there are several ways you as a birth mother can practice self-care and remind yourself of your important role. At Adoption Choices of Texas, we understand that it is often difficult to take time for yourself, especially if you are struggling to accept your new role in your child’s life. It is important, however, that you take some time to practice self-care and self-love to remind yourself of your value as a birth mother. Here are three self-care tips for birth mothers in Texas during the month of May.

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  1. Surround Yourself with Family and Friends
    One of the best ways to practice self-care as a Texas birth mother in May is to surround yourself with friends and family who support you and your decision to choose adoption. By surrounding yourself with people who care, you can remind yourself of your importance and value outside of the adoption process, which can often be difficult to remember in the middle of your adoption journey. Your support system can also offer advice and assistance throughout your adoption process in Texas. While caring friends and family can be a great source of support and assistance throughout your adoption journey, it is extremely important that you surround yourself with individuals who support your decision. As the birth mother, the choice to pursue adoption is entirely up to you, and your support system should be composed of people who support your decision and respect your wishes, even if they do not personally understand them.
  2. Take Time to Relax
    While you are in the middle of your adoption journey, it can be extremely difficult to take time for yourself to relax. This is important because adoption is an extremely stressful and emotional process, and by taking some time for yourself away from these complex emotions, you can come back re-energized and ready for any difficulties you may face. As the birth mother, relaxation allows you to care for yourself in the face of the difficult emotions involved in planning the adoption. Relaxation often looks different for everyone, and it can be entirely customized by you as the birth mother. Common examples include practicing meditation, reading a book, or taking a bath, but it can be anything that brings you peace of mind. The most important thing is that you are able to take a break from the adoption process and the many difficult emotions you are likely facing.
  3. Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day
    If you are struggling to practice self-care as a Texas birth mother in May, there is a special holiday just for you! Birth Mother’s Day is a holiday made specifically by birth mothers for birth mothers, and it can be a great opportunity to celebrate your bond with your child. The holiday falls on May 8, 2021, but it is important to remember that you can still celebrate even after the official date, as the bond you share with your child is lasting and permanent. There are many different ways to celebrate Birth Mother’s Day, even if the official holiday has already passed. As a birth mother, you may want to send a special note to your child and the adoptive family, or depending on your relationship, you could even celebrate your special bond in person. Of course, this depends on the level of contact between you and your child’s adoptive family, and it is important that the adoptive parents agree to an in-person meeting. If your child is in a closed adoption arrangement, celebrating the holiday may be more difficult, but this is a great time to turn to your support system or even other birth mothers.

Practicing Self-Care For Birth Mother in Texas

As a birth mother in Texas, practicing self-care can often be difficult. However, it is extremely important that you take some time for yourself away from the adoption process to remind yourself of your own value and worth. At Adoption Choices of Texas, we understand that this is often easier said than done, but we are here to support you throughout your adoption journey, even after your child’s placement.

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Jennie is also currently working as a barista, and, in her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family and pets.

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