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Pregnancy through Adoption

Some women choose adoption when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Information and support is important, but the ultimate decision is personal and only you know what’s best for you. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re not alone. About half of all women in...

Choosing a Same Sex Couple

Adoption Choices of Texas is an LGBTQ friendly adoption agency. But what does this mean? It means that we have been proudly assisting lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBTQ) individuals and couples since we opened our doors! We do not discriminate based on...

Why Adoption?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be looking for advice or information of your options. Consider this article advice from  birth moms, who have placed their baby for adoption, and professionals who are specialized in adoption services for women facing...

What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is an agreement in which a birth mother continues to have a relationship with her birth child after placing the child for adoption. The openness in your adoption will differ from another birth mother depending on your desires matched with the family...
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