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14 and Pregnant in Texas – Help, What are My Options with Underage Pregnancy? 

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You are scared. You have been feeling sick recently and want to double-check, so you do.

You take the test and there it is, staring at you, mocking you. You can even already hear the nasty comments from your family and peers. That small device in your hand telling you that you are 14 and expecting. 

First off, don’t panic. Take a step back. Take a deep breath, and relax. Yes, the upcoming path is difficult and scary, but it will be even harder with your fear and panic. There still is hope. The world and your life will still go on. A bit of adjusting in your life and preparations will make your journey easier. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help make this path of underage pregnancy easier for you and your child. 

As a Pregnant Teen, What do I Consider for Adoption?

Give Your Child the Chance at a Better Life

Your body is doing, or has done, an amazing thing of creating a human. This human that YOU created is not at fault of any crime – except being adorable. By offering up your child, both you and your child can grow up and live life to the fullest. By doing this, you are making the most selfless decision a mother can make. Giving a piece of you to an adoptive mother or adoptive family who can’t have children on their own.

Choosing adoption can help you get back to your normal life of learning, spending time with friends, and just growing up after giving birth. Depending on where you stand about the baby and how you feel, Adoption Choices of Texas can help you choose the right type of adoption: open, semi-open, or closed. If you are unsure about wanting to keep in contact with the baby and the adoptive family post placement, a semi-open adoption might be your choice.

Unwanted Pregnancy is Hard to Cope With

If this an unplanned pregnancy due to rape, sexual assault, or incest, tell a trusted adult or the local authorities as soon as possible. Bearing that in mind, this life that you now hold is not at fault, nor are you. Let an adoptive family love him or her to the fullest while you heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

You are Not on This Path to Adoption Alone

Although it may be scary and your family may not be happy about it, you need to tell them about your underage pregnancy. They still love you and can help you figure out your options and get you the help you need. If you have a significant other, they should know as well. Telling people may be hard, but they can provide help in numerous ways. One of the most important forms of help that they can provide you is someone who will listen and comfort through this new chapter of your life.

The Choice of How You Handle Your Pregnancy is Yours

While you are a minor, how you proceed is still your choice. If someone is trying to force or guilt your decision one way or another, find a quiet place where you are safe where you can clear your head and make the decision for yourself. No matter if this underage pregnancy is unexpected, unwanted, or unplanned. There are always options and choices that are YOURS. 

Having a friend that gives constructive support will help with this process. They can also serve as a coping and calming mechanism for you during this stressful time. Just be sure that they are not promoting bad or unhealthy behavior for you or the baby.

Let the Birth Father in on What is Happening with the Child

If you know who the birth father is, he does have a right to know that you are carrying his child and has a say in any decision that you make for your baby’s future. He has responsibilities to fulfill. If he is the one pressuring you, have a neutral party be there when making decisions so both sides are heard and the conversation is kept civil. 

14 and Pregnant

Although still going through the pregnancy will be hard on your body and emotional health, know that we at Adoption Choices of Texas respect you as a strong individual. It takes the most courageous and selfless of women to go through an unplanned pregnancy and then place your baby with a loving, adoptive family. And remember, just because you are putting your baby up for adoption does not mean you are giving up.

As an expectant woman or birth parent, to learn more about adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. You can call us at 945-444-0333, text us at 945-444-0333, or email us here. If you are hoping to adopt, please visit us here. We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!

Meet the Author: Samantha Wilder is 19 years old and writes fictional stories in her pastimes. While focusing on fictional based stories, she has dipped her fingers into many types of writing such as poetry, essays (both personal and factual), and helped friends in the past prep for blogs. Her writing history began in her 6th-grade year but picked up more drive and passion in 8th grade. She shares her work and assistance to her friends and family who join her in her love for writing.


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